Histopathological Effects of Tramadol Treatments on the Testes of Male Albino Rats

I. S. Esua, U. U. Uno, F. O. Okey, U. B. Ekaluo

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Biosynthesis of Lovastatin, an Anti-cholesterol Drug by Aspergillus wentii NCIM 661 from Palm Kernel Cake via Solid-state Fermentation

Chanakya Pallem, Gayathri Parasa, Srikanth Manipati

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Biocolorants Production by Pigment-Producing Bacteria Isolated from Soil

M. U. Hizbullahi, A. A. Farouq, A. S. Baki, A. D. Ibrahim, B. A. Hauwa, F. I. Jumare

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Algal-biomass Production from Chlorella sp. Using Hot and Cold Water Infusions of Poultry Droppings

E. Effiong, O. K. Agwa, G. O. Abu

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