Studies on Physicochemical Analysis and Biodecolorization Potential of Some Bacteria Isolated from Textile Effluent

A. Bello, M. D. Makut, G. O. Ogah

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Proximate Analysis, Lipid Profile, Microbiological and Pigment Characterization of Chlorella Dry Powder Produced in a 20 L Agitated Photobioreactor

Luis G. Torres, Luis J. Corzo, Virginie Mimouni, Lionel Ulmann

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Comparative Study on Consumer Acceptability of Bread Produced with Composite Flour Fermented by Yeast Isolated from Palm Wine and Stale Bread

T. Bolaniran, D. J. Arotupin, O. I. Afolami, O. F. Fasoranti

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Response Surface Optimization of Extraction of Polyphenols and Carotenoids from Sesbania grandiflora Leaves with Ethanol-water System

K. D. P. P. Gunathilake, K. K. D. S. Ranaweera, H. P. V. Rupasinghe, O. D. A. N. Perera, H. P. S. Jayaweera

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Dynamics of Micro/Macro Elements and Heavy Metals during Anaerobic Treatment of Organic Fraction of Municipal Solid Waste (OFMSW)

H. O. Stanley, C. B. Ogbonna, G. O. Abu

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