Dr. Igor Felipe Andrade Costa de Souza

He holds a degree in Biomedicine from the Federal University of Pernambuco (Brazil, 2009). He has experience in general and environmental microbiology, molecular biology of microorganisms and biochemistry of proteins. M.Sc. by the Graduate Program in Biological Sciences (PPGCB) of UFPE-Brazil, where he developed his dissertation in the line of biotechnology research, through the project titled: "Evaluation of lectin activity of Opuntia ficus indica, OfiL, and Moringa oleifera , cMoL and WSMoL, on the survival of termites of the species Nasutitermes corniger". He is a Dr. of the same postgraduate program, through his thesis titled: "Bioprospecting of endophytic actinobacteria from leaves of Moringa oleifera Lamarck in three localities of the State of Pernambuco and evaluation of the secondary metabolites produced by these microorganisms". He is currently Assistant Professor I of the Integrated Faculty of Pernambuco (FACIPE-Brazil), where he teaches courses in Biomedicine, Nursing, Radiology, Dentistry and Cosmetic and Cosmetology. He develops research in the area of applied microbiology with a focus on dentistry.